Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Go All the Way Down

Fixing a Garage Door That Won't Go All The Way Up

When your garage door doesn’t go all the way down, there can be various factors at play. More often than not, sensors in the door are the reason behind the problem. However, we have several suggestions on how to figure out why your garage door won’t close:

  • Check if something is blocking the door.

It may sound like obvious advice, but make sure you check to see if there is anything in the way of your garage door. Check the garage floor and the area near the floor and clear out any objects or debris. Also, check the tracks as well for anything causing the problem. 

  • Safety sensors may be out of alignment.

As we said, one common reason your door won’t close all the way is the sensors. The sensors are on either side of your garage door, and you can see them because they will have lights. If one of the sensors’ lights are off, they need to be realigned with the other sensor. Try loosening a knob or pushing the metal bracket holding the sensor. Once both lights come on, now try to close your garage door. 

  • Check the door travel limits.

There is a default setting in your garage door opener that tells your door how far to close. This can often be improperly set or even move away from that original setting after a while. If it’s set too high, the garage door will not stop all the way onto the ground. The knobs on the opener itself will be what you need to adjust, although you’ll need to check according to what model you have. 

  • Check the gear, the tracks.

When trying to close your garage door, if you hear any grinding and the door doesn’t move, that means that the gear in the opener isn’t working. You’ll also want to check the tracks. If either of the tracks s bent, you will hear a squeaking noise around the problematic area. Over time, if ignored, this can cause further problems, so you will want to contact a professional as soon as possible. 

  • Check the springs.

Your garage door relies on springs to open and close. If these springs are damaged, then your door will not open or close properly. You can easily see if your spring needs repairing just by looking; however, contact a professional to fix it. 

Many of the problems you come across can be fixed on your own, but with any major repair, you’ll want to contact a service professional to fix it. Contact Thunder Garage Door for any of your garage door repair needs.