What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Go Up Or Down

Man Using a Garage Door Opener In His Driveway

Garage doors protect our property and allow us a safe entrance and exit from our home. When working properly, our garage doors make life easier; however, we are literally stuck when they are not working properly. The frustration and hassle of having a garage door stuck up or down can quickly get the better of you. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can troubleshoot the situation and possibly correct the problem in a few minutes. Garage doors typically have some built-in safeties that are all hotspots for issues that can keep it from operating as it should. The battery, wiring, and electrical eye all prevent the door from closing all the way if something is in its way, keeping pets and children safe, which can also prevent your door from opening.

Check The Door’s Setting

First, double-check to ensure that your garage door is not in a “lock” or “away” mode that would keep it from responding to your remote. If the door is in one of these modes, it may need to be unlocked from the wall control inside the garage before it will respond to your remote. 

Test The Battery

You can check the remote’s battery by walking into the garage while holding it in your hand. When you press the button, check to see if the red light is blinking on the box where the chain enters and exits. If the door opens when you are standing close to it, but doesn’t when you move away, then that is a good indicator that the battery is low and needs replacement. If you can not see any red light at all, then the battery is completely dead. 

Control Box Inspection

Several inspection points on the control box on the ceiling can help you better understand the problem at hand. Check the wires that run from the control box and the electrical eye locations on both sides of the garage doorway. While holding the remote in one hand, grab the wires and wiggle them one by one as you press the remote button. This can help you determine if any wires are loose, causing the connection to be lost. If one is loose, shut off the power to the garage door and use a screwdriver to tighten the wire. 

Electrical Eye Beam

There are two boxes near the ground on either side of your garage door opening. These electrical eyes send a beam from one to another that affects the door’s closing. Sometimes if this beam is interrupted, it can keep a door closed as well. Ensure each box is lined up correctly and that the beam is working properly. This can be a simple fix that solves your entire issue. 

When all else fails, call a professional at Thunder Garage Door. We will have your garage door working properly in no time.